Xero: Side-by-Side Files

Being able to upload a copy of your bills is one of the many great features of Xero.

Today Xero announced an update to this feature to help build an efficiency within your business.

Once a file is in your Files inbox, you can create a transaction from the file, and view it side by side as you’re entering the details. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve emailed it in there, or dragged and dropped it into the inbox.

This gives you the opportunity to be even more efficient in the way that you work. You can select a file in your inbox, then create a new bill, purchase order, expense receipt, or a spend/receive money transaction.

When you create the transaction, the file will be displayed alongside the transaction you’re creating. This means you can easily key in the details as the information is right in front of you. The contents of your file appears on the left-hand side of the screen, while your form appears on the right. Hence Side-by-Side Files. We think this is pretty cool – have a look at how it works here:”

Source: Introducing Side-by-Side Files

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